All-time highest scorers in the Premier League | 2022 Updates

All-time highest goal scorers

Here, we have compiled the list of the highest scorers in the Premier League. Every player included in this list is regarded as the greatest player across the world. At the top of the list is Alan Shearer with 260 carrier goals in the Premier League. Followed by Wayne Roonie, Andrew Cole, Sergio Aguero, etc.

The football Premier League is the top-level English football league. The season starts in August and each team has to play a total of 38 matches. It was started in 1992 and it is played between 20 clubs. Ever since 50 clubs have participated and 7 of them (Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, and Liverpool) have won the title. It is the most-watched sport on television across the world.

List of the top 10 scorers in the football Premier League| Who is the highest scorer in the Premier League? Updated list

Highest scorers in premier league
#Player Name Goals
1.Alan Shearer260
2.Wayne Rooney208
3.Andrew Cole187
4.Sergio Aguero184
5.Frank Lampard177
6.Thierry Henry175
7.Harry Kane171
8.Robbie Fowler163
9.Jermain Defoe162
10.Michael Owen150

Who are the Highest scorer in the Premier League

1. Alan Shearer(260 goals) | Highest scorer in the Premier League

Alan Shearer -highest scorer
Alan Shearer

Hall of Famer, Alan Shearer stands at the top of the list with 260 goals in the premier league. He is a retired player and manager and is considered the best striker of his generation. He was one of the first two players instated into the Premier League hall of fame in 2021. Some of his records are as follows. He is the highest scorer of penalties, and most goals scored in a single match in Premier League. He received the UEFA European championship golden boot in1996.In the same year, he won the FIFA world player of the year bronze award. in 2006, he retired at the age of 35.

2. Wayne Rooney(208 goals)

Wayne Rooney.Premier league 2nd highest scorer of all time
Wayne Rooney

With 208 goals, Wayne Rooney is the second-highest scorer in the Premier League. Widely regarded as one of the best players of his generation, and a record-holding scorer for Manchester United as well as the England National team. He is the winner of the Premier Leagues 20 Seasons award and Best Goal award. With 53 goals he is the England national team’s all-time top scorer. He was the youngest player to score a goal for the England national team at the age of 17. He won the England player of the year award in 2008. Rooney was only 16 years old when he made his debut.

3. Andrew Cole(187 goals)

Andrew Cole -Premier league 3rd highest scorer of all time
Andrew Cole

In the six years he spent with Manchester United, they won 8 major trophies including the UEFA championship and FA cup. Set a record by scoring the fastest 50 goals in the Premier League. Andy Cole was the first player to make it to the top list of both scoring and assists chart in the same season. He won the Premier League golden boot and PFA young player of the year in 1993-94. he retired in 2009 after 19 years of a memorable carrier.

4. Sergio Aguero(184 goals)

Sergio Aguero-Premier league 4th highest scorer of all time
Sergio Aguero

He is a retired Argentine footballer who played as a striker. During his debut in 2003, he became the youngest player to play in the Argentine Premier division, at 15 years of age. In a transfer worth 23 million, in 2006, he was transferred to Atletico Madrid. He established himself as one of the world’s best young players. He was also the winner of the Don Belon, the Golden Boy, and the world soccer young player of the year. In his first season with Manchester City, he scored a last-minute goal in the final and won the club’s first league title in 44 years. Also, Sergio Aguero is the all-time highest scorer for the Manchester City club.

5. Frank Lampard(177 goals)

Frank Lampard-Premier league 5th highest scorer of all time
Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard is one of Chelsea’s greatest players. He stands in 5th place for the highest scorer in the football Premier League. By setting a record for most goals scored by a midfielder, and most goals scored from outside the box in Premier League with 177 goals, he became Premier League’s player of the decade( 2000 to 2010). He is Chelsea’s all-time leading goal scorer with 211 goals. Frank Lampard is the only midfielder to score more than 150 goals in the Premier League, and he represented England three times in the FIFA world cup.

6. Thierry Henry(175 goals)

Thierry Henry-Premier league 6th highest scorer of all time
Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was FIFA world player of the year runner-up in 2004. He was the PFA player of the year twice and the FWA footballer of the year three times. Along with Alan Shearer, he was instated into the Premier League hall of fame in 2021. Henry is Arsenal’s highest scorer with 228 goals. He played an important part in the 2008-09 season when they won the LaLiga and UEFA Champions League. He retired in 2014 and became a coach.

7. Harry Kane(171 goals)

Harry Kane-Premier league 7th highest scorer of all time
Harry Kane

Harry Kane, with his exceptional ability to link plays, is regarded as one of the best strikers of all time. In his first Premier League season, he scored 31 goals and was named PFA’s young player of the year. He was Premier League’s top goal scorer for two consecutive seasons. He is Tottenham’s second-highest scorer. In FIFA 2018, Harry Kane won the golden boot.

8. Robbie Fowler(163 goals)

Robbie Fowler-Premier league 8thhighest scorer of all time
Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler is best known for his time in Liverpool. During his time in Liverpool, he scored 183 goals and earned the nickname “god” from the fans. He remains Liverpool’s highest goal scorer. he won the PFA young player of the year in 1995 and 1996. He won the Pert Glory golden boot in 2011. Fowler announced his retirement in the year 2012.

9. Jermain Defoe(162 goals)

Jermain Defoe-Premier league 9th highest scorer of all time
Jermain Defoe

With 162 goals, Germain Defoe is in the 9th position for highest goals in Premier League. he was the 20th player to score century goals in the Premier League. Also, he is the 6th highest goal scorer in Tottenham’s history. With 22 goals, he holds the record for most goals scored by a substitute. He won the Tottenham Hotspur player of the year in 2004 and Premier League player of the month in August 2009.

10. Michael Owen(150 goals)

Michal Owen-Premier league 10th highest scorer of all time
Michal Owen

Lastly, in the 10 the place for most goals in Premier League is Michal Owens. He started his career in 1996 with Liverpool. After his debut in 1996, he became the youngest player in the club to score a goal. He received the golden boot in his first season with 18 goals. He was included in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players by Pele in 2004. After his retirement in 2013, he became a racehorse breeder.

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