Who are the top 10 Barcelona all-time top scorers in history?

Is Lionel Messi Barcelona’s highest goal scorer of all time? Yes, Lionel Messi is Barcelona’s all-time top scorer with 672 goals in all games. Messi is followed by Cesar Rodriguez with 232 goals in all competitions. Here is the list of the top 10 goal scorers in Barcelona’s history in the La Liga league. At the top of our list, Messi is top 10 goal scorers, followed by Cesar Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, Laszlo Kubala, and Joseph Samitier.

La Liga Santander is the top most famous Spanish football league in Spain. The season always starts from August to May and each club plays every team twice in their home and home away games. And 38 game matches are organized in all competitions. La Liga Santander was started in 1929 in Spain with 20 teams. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Seville, and Athletic Bilbao are the old teams in the Spanish league. La Liga has the best-talented players, proven track records of players, and is the most watched league in Spain.

List of top 10 Barcelona all-time top scorers| Who is Barcelona’s top scorer of all time?

List of top 10 Barcelona all-time top scorers| Who is Barcelona's top scorer of all time?
Image Credit: FC Barcelona

Who is Barcelona’s top scorer of all time?

RankingsPlayersNationalityGoals Scored
1Lionel MessiArgentina672
2Cesar RodriguezSpain232
3Luis SuarezUruguay198
4Laszlo KubalaHungary/Spain194
5Joseph SamitierSpain184
6Joseph EscolaSpain167
7Paulino AlcantaraSpain/Philippines143
8Samuel EtooCameron130
9Rivaldo VitorBrazil130
10Mariano MartinSpain128
All-time Top Scorers in Barcelona history

1. Lionel Messi- 672 goals

Lionel Messi- 672 goals
Image Credit: FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi played in FC Barcelona from 2004 to 2021 scoring 672 official goals in 778 games. Messi became Barcelona’s all-time top scorer in 2012 after scoring a hat-trick over Granada winning 5-3. The Argentina Player is also the best player in world history widely regarded as one of the greatest in Barcelona of all time. Messi also played for the Barcelona B team during his youthful stage, Although he left Barcelona to play for PSG in Ligue 1 France league, he remains the all-time top scorer for FC Barcelona.

Messi broke several Spanish records in La Liga, he won 8x Super Cups, 7x Copa del Rey, 4x Champions League, 3x Club World Cups, and 3x European Super Cups. Also, Messi is the player in FC Barcelona with the most trophies ever won in history. Another amazing record Messi broke is for most home goals in the 2012 season scoring 35 goals and in 2013 with 24 goals in a single season. However, after spending 20 years in Barcelona, he was traded to PSG as a free agent due to Barcelona’s financial situation. FC Barcelona couldn’t afford his stay since he was the highest-paid Barcelona player of all time.

2. Cesar Rodriguez- 232 goals

Cesar Rodriguez- 232 goals
Image Credit: Twitter

Cesar Rodriguez played in FC Barcelona from 1942 to 1955 scoring 232 goals in 351 appearances. He played forward position with Eduardo Manchon and Moreno winning 3x Copa del Generalismo, 5x La Liga titles, 3x Copa Eva Duarte, and 2x Latin Cups. Cesar is one of the greatest players for FC Barcelona ever, he is famous for his strong headers. He scored most goals during his era between 1920-1995 in Spanish League. Cesar is the most complete player who was honored twice by FC Barcelona on June 3, 1951.

In 1963, he rejoined as a head coach of Barcelona where he spent one year after he left at the start of 1964/65 then Messi took him over leading as the all-time top scorer in Barcelona.

3. Luis Suarez- 198 goals

Luis Suarez- 198 goals
Image Credit: FC Barcelona

Luis Suarez is an Uruguay professional footballer who ranks 3rd as the all-time top goal scorer in FC Barcelona. Suarez scored 198 goals in 283 appearances, playing as an attacking striker and one of the best forwards in the 21st century. Suarez is well known for his passing skills, quickness, ability to contain the ball and amazing finishing and greatest striker of all time in FC Barcelona. He played with the greatest La Liga players of all time namely, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Jr, who also played in big clubs. Suarez played for Ajax, and Liverpool and currently playing in Atletico Madrid.

Suarez won several trophies at FC Barcelona winning 4x La Liga titles, 4x Cop del Rey, 2x Supercopa de Espana, 1x UEFA Champions League, 1x UEFA Super Cup, and 1x FIFA Club World Cup. During Messi, Suarez, and Neymar trio scored 25 goals with 20 assists and he finished the season with 122 goals.

4. Laszlo Kubala- 194 goals

Laszlo Kubala- 194 goals
Image Credit: Twitter

Laszlo Kubala played for FC Barcelona from 1950 to 1961 scoring 194 official goals in 281 appearances. Laszlo played the position of forward also one of the best players in the history of FC Barcelona. Before joining Barcelona in 1951, he had already played in the biggest clubs namely, Slovan Bratislava and Ferencvaros. Laszlo won 5 trophies with FC Barcelona namely the La Liga title, the Copa Eva Duarte, and the Latin Cup. He broke the record by scoring 26 goals in 19 matches for Barcelona in the first season in La Liga. Laszlo broke the record by scoring 7 goals in a single match in the La Liga season

5. Josep Samitier- 184 goals

Josep Samitier- 184 goals
Image Credit: Barcelona

Joseph Samitier is a Spanish footballer who scored 184 goals in 360 appearances playing as a midfielder for FC Barcelona. Joseph is the fifth all-time top scorer at FC Barcelona in all competitions. He was the best FC Barcelona midfielder of all time. Due to his amazing performance, Samitier was the highest-paid player in Spain in 1925. However, he won 18 trophies for FC Barcelona between the year of 1919 and 1933 before he departed the club.

6. Josep Escola- 167 goals

Josep Escola- 167 goals
Image Credit: FC Barcelona

Josep Escola was a Spanish footballer who scored 167 goals in only 236 appearances in FC Barcelona. He played as an attacking forward player at Barcelona and spent 15 years playing for his club. During his stay in Barcelona, Escola helped in winning the Catalonia Football Championship cup. Considered as the most influential player at FC Barcelona as a forward player during his era. Therefore before joining Barcelona, Escola was playing with Sants FC where he played for only 2 seasons in his career. Escola went on and won 2x La Liga titles, 1x Supercopa de Espana, 1x Mediterranean league, 2x Catalonia Football Championships, and 1x Copa del Rey

7. Paulimu Alcantara- 143 goals

Paulimu Alcantara- 143 goals
Image Credit: Twitter

Paulino Alcantara was also a Spanish/Philippine La Liga footballer who scored 143 goals in 395 appearances. He played as forward spending most of his football career in FC Barcelona. Alcantara spent two seasons playing for Bohemian playing 25 league games and scoring 18 goals before returning to Barcelona. Paulino is the only player from the Philippines to play in Spanish league football. Currently, he is among all-time Barcelona top scorers and ranked seventh on our list. Alcantara won several trophies in Barcelona namely, 5x Copa del Rey, 10x Catalan football Championships, and 1x Pyrenees Cup. He is also a record breaker who scored 145 league goals in 135 appearances in FC Barcelona.

8. Samuel Etoo- 130 goals

Samuel Etoo- 130 goals
Image Credit: FC Barcelona

Samuel Etoo scored 130 goals in 199 appearances at FC Barcelona. He is the joint top scorer in the history of FC Barcelona’s legendary players. Samuel was a Brazilian football legend and key player for FC Barcelona who joined Barcelona in 2004 for a fee of €24 million. Etoo scored 25 goals in his second season with Barcelona thus winning the La Liga top scorer award that season. During the Champion league final against Arsenal in 2005/06, Etoo scored a goal in the finals leading to FC Barcelona winning the title. In his 5 years contract, Etoo won 3x La Liga, 1x Copa del Rey, 2x Supercopa de Espana, and 2x UEFA Champions League trophies.

In the 2005/06 UEFA Champion league, he was awarded the UEFA Best forward of the year award, also Etoo was shortlisted in the final FIFPro World XI. Etoo scored at another UEFA Champions League competition in 2009 against Manchester United thus leading Barcelona to win the trophy that very season.

9. Rivaldo- 130 goals

Rivaldo- 130 goals
Image Credit: Barcelona

Rivaldo was a professional Brazilian footballer who scored 130 goals in 235 appearances at FC Barcelona. He was playing as an attacking midfielder during his era. FC Barcelona signed Rivaldo in 1999 from Deportivo La Coruna for a fee of $26 million at 5 years contract. The Brazilian player was well known for his quickness, dribbling, and powerful midfielder at Barcelona. He scored 19 goals in 34 matches lifting 2x La Liga trophies, 1x Copa del Rey, and 2x UEFA Super Cups. What is most surprising, Rivaldo wasn’t Barcelona’s top scorer in some seasons but he was a key player on the main team of Barcelona.

Barcelona performed very well in the season of 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 because of Rivaldo. He has been the second-highest top scorer in two conservative seasons scoring 24 goals. Also in the 1999 season, Rivaldo won his Ballon d’Or, FIFA World Best Player showing an incredible performance that year.

10. Mariano Martin- 128 goals

Mariano Martin- 128 goals
Image Credit: FC Barcelona

Mariano Martin scored 128 goals in 214 appearances at FC Barcelona during his era. He is among all-time FC Barcelona top scorers in our list ranking tenth, Martin played in the forward position at Barcelona from 1939 to 1948. However, he was a key player at FC Barcelona, a very influential player with amazing football skills. Due to his consistency at Barcelona, his club performed very well in the early 1940s. In the 1944/45 season, Barcelona won the La Liga title and Martin was awarded the top scorer in the La Liga league that season. He only won 1x La Liga title and 2x league top scorer in the 1940s.

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FAQs of Barcelona all-time top scorers

Who is Barcelona’s all-time best player?

Lionel Messi with 672 goals in 778 appearances, 7x Ballon d’Ors, 6x European Golden Shoes, 8x hat-tricks and 10x domestic cups.

Who is La Liga all time top scorer?

Lionel Messi

Who is the best striker in Barcelona now?

Robert Lewandowski with 6 goals in all appearances

Who is the goat of football now?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is Barcelona star player of all time?

Lionel Messi


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