Top 10 current best football academy in the world – 2022/23

Which is the best football academy in the world 2022

Which is the best football academy? La Masia academy is the best football academy in the world in 2022 and the most expensive club in the world. Its estimated Transfer value is $709 million, most of the world-class legendary players are from La Masia Academy namely; Lionel Messi, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, and Carols Puyol all graduated from this academy. Also Chelsea, Man United, Ajax, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Sporting Lisbon, Santos, Athletic Bilbao, and others have the best football academies in the world.

These football academies nature and graduate the best players in the world who end up joining main teams as the world’s greatest footballers with incredible talents such as Messi who graduated from La Masia and Ronaldo who came from Sporting Lisbon. What are the fees of La Masia academy? The estimated value of £5 million a year and more than 1000 boys from age of 6 to 8 apply for admissions every year but only 200 are selected in the end.

List of top 10 best football academy in the world

Looking at all international players from different clubs in the world of football. They started building their skills in football from famous football academies around the world. Since building skills is a step-by-step process, therefore in this article, we will show you the best youth academies in the world and well-known football players who graduated from the different academies.

RankingsFootball Academy
1Barcelona Academy (La Masia)
2Athletic Bilbao
4Sporting Lisbon
7GNK Dinamo Zagreb Junior team
8FC Bayan Munich Junior Team
9Atletico River Plate
10FK Partizan
11Real Madrid
12Boca Juniors Reserves and Academy
13River Plate
14 Partizan Belgrade
15Stade Rennais
Top 15 best football academies in the world 2022

1. Barcelona (La Masia)


La Masia is regarded as the best football academy in the world in 2022 and the most expensive youth academy in the world. Most successful players of Barcelona graduated from La Masia Academy, this academy was built in 1702. The idea of building this academy was started by John Cruyff who was an ex-Barcelona superstar, however, La Masia’s success came after the winning of the Ballon d’Or by Lionel Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi in 2010. How do you join La Masia? You have to be selected by a Barcelona scout who selects the best young players in the world. The age group for selected young stars is from 6 to 11 years of age. This club also is the best youth academy in Europe.

How much does La Masia charge or cost? To join La Masia academy you have to be the best young player, the estimated cost is around £5 million a year. It’s one of the most expensive youth academies in the world. Do you know that La Masia’s only accommodation can host only 60 players and 10 in the farmhouse and the rest are liable to accommodate themselves? This academy trains you to become a key player and has a playing formation of 4-3-3. There is a list of Barcelona legendary players who have graduated from La Masia

Top 10 Barcelona Youth Players from La Masia Academy

Lionel MessiForwardArgentina
Sergio BusquetsMidfielderSpain
Andres IniestaMidfielderSpain
Carles PuyolDefenderSpain
Gerard PiqueDefenderSpain
Victor ValdesGoal KeeperSpain
Jordi AlbaDefenderSpain
Top 10 Barcelona Youth Players from La Masia Academy

2. Atletico Bilbao Youth Academy

Bilboa is also the oldest team in La Liga history existing since 1929.

Atletico Bilboa is also well known for graduating young football players training them from Childhood until they qualify to join the main team. The academy has a record for the longest Primera Division with Real Madrid and Barcelona in the La Liga league. Bilboa is also the oldest team in La Liga history existing since 1929. The transfer market value of Atletico Bilbao is $207 million in 2022, the best football academy in the world in 2022. It is also one of the best youth academies in Spain training young talented players to become greater players in the future.

Who can play for Athletics Bilbao? Only players born in Basque Country get a chance to play in the main team since they have acquired general football skills from the youth academy. This club is the 4th most successful club in La Liga with 8x La Liga titles, it also recruits young players with unique talents.

3. Santos Youth Academy


Whenever you hear Santos, think of a famous popular Neymar Jr. Neymar graduated from Santos Academy meaning Santos produces legendary skillful players in the field of football. Santos youth Academy has several academies in Latin America, the best youth academy soccer in the world. Do you know that Pele also originated from this youth team? Yes, Pele is also a product of Santos and Robinho. All these international superstars are proving to the world how skillful football is. Another interesting fact about Santos, this youth academy honors the death of Pele and he is a role model to most Brazilian players who are studying and playing in this youth academy.

Santos is one of the best football academies in the world in 2022. This academy also focuses on training and coaching young stars to become world-class players like Neymar and Pele.

4. Sporting Lisbon football academy


Sporting Lisbon Academy youth players have shown their quality and turned into famous football players in the world of history. And the best football academy in the world 2022 Players like Cristiano Ronaldo have played in the youth club of Sporting Lisbon after his graduation, he had to join the main team. When Man United saw an amazing talent in Ronaldo, he was traded in Man United to play in Premier League in his early 20s. Ronaldo is now a famous figure and the best footballer in the world in 2022, also there are other amazing football players from Sporting the likes of Nani, Luis Figo, Ricardo Quaresma, and Bruno Fernandez.

In 2022, this youth academy is valued at around $276 million and focuses on building young talented players all over the world especially Portuguese players.

List of top 10 Sporting Lisbon legendary graduates

1Cristiano Ronaldo
2Luis Figo
3Simao Sabrosa
5Joao Moutinho
6Manuel Fernades
7Hector Yazalde
9William Carvalho
10Adrien Silva
Top 10 Sporting Lisbon legendary graduates

5. Ajax football academy


Ajax youth academy is also one of the best football academies in the world in 2022. This Academy is also a prosperous academy that has trained successful football figures namely Matthijs de Ligt Frankie de Jong, Christian Eriksen, and Justin Kluivert. This academy has a vision of training talented young footballers all over the world. Most European players have originated from Ajax youth academy. However, Ajax gives equal opportunities to young players to become the greatest players in history. In 2022, Ajax transfer market value is estimated to be $395 million

Ajax is also actively participating in the Champions League since the young academy players are used in the main team and show outstanding performances in all competitions. Although they haven’t qualified for the UEFA Cup finals they show the greatest players on the there main team.

Who came from Ajax academy?

1Sjaak Swart
2Johan Cruijiff
3Frank Rijkaard
4Nigel de Jong
5Wesley Sneijder
6John Heitinga
7Edgar Davids
8Rafael Van der Vaan

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FAQs of the best football academy in the world 2022

Which football club has the best youngsters?

1) Barcelona
2) Sporting Lisbon
3) Ajax
4) Sao Paulo
5) Bayern Munich

Which football club produces the most players?

Barcelona and Real Madrid

How can I join into Manchester United Academy?

Through recommendation from Man United Coach with a profile that you have been playing in your best teams of your local area.

Can I join La Masia Academy for Free?

No, You can’t join for free since this football academy is one of the most expensive academies in Europe costing £5 million a year.

Which Premier League team has the best academy?

Manchester United with the most young players playing in Champions League

Which club has the best academy in Europe?

1) Barcelona
2) Man United
3) Real Madrid

Do academy players get paid in Europe?

No, they are only paid when they leave the academy and join a professional club but again player who gets scholarship are given 4 to 7 Euros per season since different clubs have different rules.

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