Top 10 Best Football Brands in India To Buy Now

Top 10 Best Football Brands in India To Buy Now

Football, like cricket, has a large fan base in India, and we have listed the top ten football brands in this article. Based on customer ratings from famous online shopping sites i.e Amazon, & Flipkart we’ve compiled a list of the best footballs to buy online in India. The arrival of the Indian Super League (ISL) on our coasts has undoubtedly increased the demand for football among young people. That being said, no matter what skills you have, the best footballs will undoubtedly double the fun. With so many options on the market, we’ve compiled a list of the best footballs for every budget.

The top ten best football brands in India to buy now are as follows: Nivia Storm Football Size 5, Vector X Street Soccer Football in Size 5, Nivia 1019 Football in Size 5, Cosco Rio PVC Football in Size 3, VOODANIA voldivos Combo Pack Size 5, Nike NK STRK-FA19 football Size 5, Adidas DN8640 TPU Football in Size 5, WRF Brazuca PU Football in Size 5, Nivia Street Rubber Football in Size 5, Vector X Attacker Football in Size 5.

People prefer to spend their time playing football rather than sweating in gyms. In this minute-to-win game, however, the risk of injury is also very high. As a result, it is critical to have safety equipment on hand while playing. Football helmets, shoulder pads, and other football-related equipment are among the most important safety items. Many Indian brands sell football apparel and cleats, as well as running, training, fitness, sports, sportswear, and footwear. This article on the best footballs to buy online in India should help you make a decision. Here is a list of the top 10 Best Football Brands in India.

List Of The Top 10 Best Footballs In India To Buy Now | Which brand of football is best?

RankBest Football Brands in IndiaSizePrize RangeCustomer Ratings
1Nivia Storm5Rs 407-5994.5
2Vector X Street Soccer5Rs 329-4994.4
3Nivia 10195Rs 328-3994.4
4Cosco Rio PVC3Rs 489-5254.2
5VOODANIA voldivos5Rs 399-25004.1
6Nike NK STRK-FA195Rs 699-15994
7Adidas DN8640 TPU5Rs 19994
8WRF Brazuca PU5Rs 499-24994
9Nivia Street Rubber5Rs 8104
10Vector X Attacker5Rs 331-6394
List Of Best Football Brands In India

How much does a football cost in India?

In India, a good quality football can cost between Rs. 399 to Rs. 4000. You can select the appropriate football based on the level of the players and the size of the football. If you’d like to buy expensive footballs you can get them from Amazon they can cost you between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000.

How To Choose The Best Soccer Ball For Beginners

Choosing a soccer ball appears to be a simple task until you realize how many options are available. Buying a soccer ball can be difficult due to the variety of materials, sizes, and types available. But don’t worry, we’ve broken down all of the important factors to consider buying the best soccer ball for your style of gameplay. To improve your practice and play, choose a long-lasting ball with a butyl bladder to ensure the ball’s shape and rebound quality are maintained over time.

Match balls and training balls are the most common types of soccer balls. Match balls are used in games and must adhere to official size, weight, and shape regulations. Training balls are intended for use in a variety of playing environments for practice and recreation. They are also more durable because they are designed to be used over an extended period.

What type of football is best for beginners? The Cosco Torino Football, Size 5, is the best football for beginners. This Cosco football has 3 colors which are red, black, and white. It is entirely hand sewn and made of high-quality PVC material. This size 5 football is extremely durable and long-lasting. It performs admirably and is extremely long-lasting.

How is a Soccer Ball Made? | List Of Materials Used In Making A Footballs

A ball can be made of a variety of materials, the most common of which are leather, rubber, and synthetics in modern times. Balls made from indigenous materials, particularly animal parts, were once common. The bladders are usually made of latex rubber or butyl rubber (rubber-like material). For air retention, most balls utilize valves. This is how a soccer ball is made. High-end soccer balls are hand-stitched with a 5-ply twisted polyester cord.

Many of you may be wondering what is inside a soccer ball. The inside of the football is made of latex or butyl rubber bladder, which allows the football to be inflated. The outside of the ball is made of leather, synthetic leather, polyurethane, or PVC panels. For improved control and touch, the surface can be textured, weaved, or embossed.

What Are The Top 5 Best Football Brands in India

1. Nivia Storm Football Size 5 Is The Best Football Brand In India

Best Footballs In India- Nivia Storm (Rs 407-599)
Image Credits: Nivia

This football has a bright design to help it stand out in the game. This football, one of the top choices for best footballs, has a 32-panel universal design. It is available in size 5 and is suitable for all adults. Suitable for hard grassless ground, wet grassy ground, and artificial turf. Butyl bladder provides long-lasting air and shape retention to ensure a consistent game.

Features include:

  • The butyl bladder provides more bounce and longer-lasting air to keep the shape throughout the game.
  • The mold’s abrasion-resistant top rubber layer and reinforced fabric layer make it an extremely durable football.
  • It is made of a rubberized mold and is suitable for use on hard ground, artificial grass, and even wet and grassy surfaces.
  • The Nivia Storm is appropriate for wet grassy terrain, hard grassless terrain, and artificial turf.
  • Butyl bladders provide long-lasting air and shape retention, allowing you to play consistently.
  • It is extremely durable and has a colorful design for increased visibility.
  • This football’s rubber outer shell makes it extremely durable and abrasion-resistant.

What age is a size 5 football for?

Size 5 is designed for players 14+ players. A football has a diameter of approximately 22 cm (8.66 inches) for a regulation size 5 soccer ball. The soccer ball’s weight should be between 410g and 450g, and its circumference should be between 68cm and 70cm. Footballs come in a variety of qualities, including pro, match, training, recreational, and specialist. A size 5 football must have a circumference of 68 to 70 cm (27 to 28 in). A diameter of 22 cm (8.7 in) is obtained by averaging to 69 cm (27 in) and then dividing by.

2. Vector X Street Soccer Football Size 5

Vector X Street Soccer (Rs 329-499)-Best Football Brands in India
Image Credits: Amazon

This football is a standard size five and is best for practice. It has a rubberized molded ball, a textured surface single-piece rubber molded 32-panel ball and a long lifespan. If you’re looking for the best footballs between Rs 300 to 499 for your training sessions, this pick is a good value for money thanks to its impressive features at a low price. The Vector X football weighs 400 to 450 gms, has a circumference of 69 to 70 cm, and a diameter of 22 cm. It is made of superior molded rubber with an embossed tire, making it suited for use on both stiff and soft surfaces. It has a 32-panel design with a robust bladder, and can also be utilized in all types of weather.

3. Nivia 1019 Football Size 5

Nivia 1019 (Rs 328-399)-Best Football Brands in India
Image Credits: Amazon

This machine-stitched football is one of the best under Rs.500 and is ideal for beginners and recreational use. A Butyl Bladder inside the ball keeps it airtight. The ball is suitable for very young children who want to learn how to play football. It has a top soft PVC layer and a reinforced fabric layer for better shape retention.

4. Cosco Rio PVC Football in Size 3

Cosco Rio PVC (Rs 489-525)

Cosco is a sports brand that sells a variety of sporting goods and accessories. This football is small in size and is intended for children. With a top PVC layer, nylon winding, and butyl bladder, this football is lightweight but tough. It’s machine stitched, has good form stability, and holds a lot of air.

5. VOODANIA voldivos

VOODANIA voldivos (Rs 399-2500)

Voodania sells sports equipment, such as one of the best beginner footballs and low-intensity games like futsal. This ball has a top durable PU layer for an abrasion-resistant surface and is hand-stitched to perfection. The inner core is divided into layers for shock absorption. This size 5 football comes with a premium hand pump to keep the football’s air pressure at a constant level. Hand-stitched with 100% thermoplastic polyurethane for long-term durability.

FAQs About Best Footballs In India

Is Umbro a good soccer ball?

The Umbro New Swerve is a good practice and everyday ball that performs well on natural grass surfaces and is similar in size to UEFA size 5 standard balls.

How much is a good soccer ball for kids in India?

Ball CategorySoccer Ball Price For Kids In India
NormalRs. 350 to 1400
A Good QualityRs. 850 to 3200
High QualityRs. 2350 to 9150
Premium QualityRs. 5670 to 15000

What type of soccer ball should I buy?

PVC balls are typically less expensive, have a harder exterior, and are extremely durable. PVC balls are typically of lower quality, softer to the touch, and less responsive than PU balls. Because it provides increased control, synthetic leather balls are designed for the highest level of play, or professional matches.

Best Footballs Under Rs 500 In India To Buy

RankFootball Brands To Buy Under Rs. 500MRP
1.Cosco 14051 Thunder Rubber FootballRs 448
2.Strauss Champ FootballRs 349
3.Tucson FootballRs 449
4.Gyronax Blue Star FootballRs 449
5.Nivia Storm FootballRs 336
6.VOODANIA Telstar Combo PackRs 449
7.Vector X Street Soccer FootballRs 329

We hope you enjoyed our article on the top Best Football Brands in India. Please drop your thoughts in the comment box. The information for this article is acquired from Amazon & Flipkart. Since this topic is subject to change, our website ( provides no guarantee for the accuracy of the information.

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