Which premier league goalkeeper has the most clean sheets?

which premier league goalkeeper has the most clean sheets?

Peter Cech kept 202 clean sheets in just 443 games as a goalkeeper, followed by David James with 169 clean sheets in 572 games in EPL history. He was signed and handled over to Chelsea at 7 million pounds after playing 50 games with Rennes in Laliga. In English Premier League, club managers play a virtual role in the signing of the best players for their teams. EPL starts in August and ends in May with teams playing each other with expensive transfers by different clubs. Throughout the season, A team has 380 matches to play with a fixture of 38 games to be played.

At the end of the season, a winner gets the EPL trophies title and every win has 3 points, a draw has 1 point and a defeat has zero points or none. EPL is a competitive league and Manchester City and Liverpool were dominating in the season of 2021/22. Rather than the quality of football, we will show you the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in EPL history.

List of goalkeepers with the most clean sheets in EPL history

List of goalkeepers with the most clean sheets in EPL history
Image Credit: EPL

Which goalkeeper has the best record in Premier League history? Peter Cech kept 202 clean sheets in just 443 games as a goalkeeper, followed by David James with 169 clean sheets in 572 games in EPL history. In 2005, he was awarded the inaugural English Premier League Golden Glove since he had 24 clean sheets in a single season.

RankingsGoal Keeper with Most Clean sheets in EPL historyClubsClean Sheets
1Petr CechChelsea, Arsenal202
2David JamesLiverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham, Manchester City, and Portsmouth169
3Mark SchwarzerMiddlesbrough, Fulham, Chelsea, Leicester151
4 David SeamanArsenal, Manchester City141
5Nigel MartynCrystal Palace, Leeds, Everton137
6Pepe ReinaLiverpool, Aston Villa136
7Brad FriedelLiverpool, Blackburn, Aston Villa, Tottenham132
8Tim HowardManchester United, Everton132
9Edwin van der SarFulham, Manchester United132
10David de GeaManchester United129
11Peter SchmeichelManchester United, Aston Villa, Manchester City128
12Joe HartManchester City, Birmingham, West Ham, Burnley127
13Hugo LlorisTottenham117
14Shay GivenBlackburn, Newcastle, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Stoke113
15Jussi JaaskelainenBolton, West Ham108
16Thomas SorensenSunderland, Aston Villa, Stoke107
17Ben FosterWatford, Manchester United, Birmingham, West Brom91
18 EdersonMan City89
19Paul RobinsonLeeds, Tottenham, Blackburn, Burnley86
20Kasper SchmeichelManchester City, Leicester81
List of Most Premier League Clean Sheets in EPL history

1. Petr Cech- (202) Clean Sheets

Petr Cech- (202) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: Arsenal

Which goalkeeper kept the most EPL clean sheets in history? Peter Cech kept 202 clean sheets in just 443 games as a goalkeeper, followed by David James with 169 clean sheets in 572 games in EPL history. Chelsea bought him at £ 7 million, as an expensive EPL historic goal keeps of all time. He is the fastest and kept 50 to 100 clean sheets with the Blues. Do you know that he was the first Chelsea goalkeeper to keep 162 clean sheets in a single club? Cech shinned more in the 2003/04 Premier League season. When did Cech go to Arsenal? He joined on June 2015 at an age of 36 years after spending 11 years in Chelsea. Cech is one of Premier League football’s top 10 greatest goalkeepers of all time.

How many penalty saves does Petr Cech have? Petr saved 21 penalties in his entire career in football. Buffon and Manuel with the most penalty save in the 21 century. In 2005, he was awarded the inaugural EPL Golden Glove after keeping a record of 24 clean sheets in a single season. Cech recorded 397 shutouts in 907 games played in his career keeping his opponents at bay with 1,000 minutes ranking 1st on our list. No goalkeeper has ever broken Cech’s record in the history of EPL.

2. David James- (169) Clean Sheets

 David James- (169) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: EPL

James recorded 169 clean sheets in 572 games EPL history is well known for playing so many games. He played for 6 English clubs with a big breakthrough of Liverpool in the ’90s. David said “Keeping a clean sheet has nothing much to do with longevity than the defense you have” He believed that a better defense is the heart of the team. This former goalkeeper English player made more EPL appearances than any other keeper on our list with 562 career games played. How many goals did David James consider? He scored 665 goals playing in five EPL teams, James had 72 clean sheets with Liverpool, (39) Portsmouth, (21) Aston Villa, 19 Man City, and (18) West Ham.

3. Mark Schwarzer- (151) Clean Sheets

Mark Schwarzer- (151) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: Chelsea

Mark Schwarzer ranks third with 151 clean sheets in 514 games played in his English Premier League history. He was an Australian player who joined EPL history after moving to England in 1996. In 1997, Mark joined Middlesbrough where he started his English Premier league career. He was the first non-British player to play 500 EPL history appearances. This goalkeeper kept a record of 50 clean sheets in two different clubs. While playing with Middlesbrough, he had 92 shut-outs in 366 top-flight games played in football history. What teams did Mark Schwarzer play for? He played for 4 teams include; Middlesbrough, Fulham, Chelsea, and Leicester.

The Australian goalkeeper became the first player to win two Premier League titles in two successive seasons in different clubs he played for in EPL history. The was called the King but when he joined Chelsea, his career was cut short since he was 40 years by then.

4. David Seaman- (141) Clean Sheets

David Seaman- (141) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: Arsenal

David Seaman recorded 141 clean sheets in EPL history well know for his icon goalkeeping skills by English football fans. He started his career in English football from 1982 to 2004 winning trophies for England. With Gunners, Davis made 137 clean sheets and most decorated goalkeeper in history. This keeper played 75 games for his club country in just 344 games with 4 assists. David played for Arsenal making 138 clean assists and 3 assists for Manchester City, ranked among the top 10 goalkeepers with the cleanest sheets in EPL history. His first clean sheet was on August 1992 during the day tight but surprising the Gunners were defeated by Norwich City with 4-2 goals.

5. Nigel Martyn- (137) Clean Sheets

Nigel Martyn- (137) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: Everton

Nigel Martyn was a British English Premier League goalkeeper who shinned in the late 1980s. He recorded 137 clean sheets in his career life journey with a long PL career with Crystal Place and Everton. Nigel names his name playing for Leeds United where he was ranked among the greatest all-time 11 goalkeepers in history. He was the most disciplined goalkeeper with a historical record of only 7 yellow cards and no red cards in his career. Nigel had 372 appearances playing for Crystal Palace, Leeds, and Everton clubs. In 1989, Nigel was signed from Bristol Rovers to Crystal palace with an estimated amount of £1 million. Achieved huge success and trophies with Everton and Leeds in the 1970s.

While playing with England, he got 23 caps with 137 EPL clean sheets recorded in his name. Had 82 clean sheets with Yorkshire Club, Everton (30), and Crystal Palace (25) before his retirement. When did Nigel retire? On June 8th, 2006, he announced his retirement from football since he had a stress fracture on his ankle. He was also known as the first 1 million pound goalkeeper with 7 seasons played for Crystal Palace as a goalkeeper.

6. Pepe Reina- (136) Clean Sheets

Pepe Reina- (136) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: Aston Villa

Pepe Reina recorded 136 clean sheets in the English Premier League as a goalkeeper in history. He got a clean sheet for a single club of Liverpool since he had the most defensive managers of all time. When did Pepe Reina join Liverpool? He joined Liverpool in 2005 during UEFA Super Cup that was won by Liverpool that season. Liverpool chooses him as the first-choice goalkeeper playing for 9 years as a goalkeeper. During his debut season with Liverpool in the 2014/15 season, he led his team to win both FA Cup and League Cup Pepe played for several teams including; Liverpool, and Aston Villa.

In the 2007 summer season, he renewed his contract with Liverpool. Villareal sold Pepe £6 million to Liverpool at the age of 17 in July 2006. He had 134 clean sheets with Liverpool and 2 clean sheets with Aston Villa. His career journey with Aston Villa was full of struggle until he was sold on loan to Napoli.

7. Brad Friedel- (132) Clean Sheets

Brad Friedel- (132) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: Tottenham

Brad Friedel had only 132 clean sheets in his career history at EPL. Playing as a goalkeeper in several English clubs include; Liverpool, Blackburn, Aston Villa, and Tottenham. This goalkeeper only missed 5 EPL games keeping 77 clean sheets with Liverpool, Aston Villa (35), Tottenham (140), and Blackburn (5). They were 3 goalkeepers with the same clean sheets in EPL history namely Brad Friedel, Tim Howard, and Edwin Van Der Sar.

8. Tim Howard- (132) Clean Sheets

Tim Howard- (132) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: Everton

Tim Howard played for two teams in EPL history namely; Manchester United and Everton as a goalkeeper. It was signed in 2003 by Manchester United replacing Fabien Barthez. Tim had 132 clean sheets and was one of the goalkeepers with the most clean sheets in EPL history. With the 3 years contract with Man United, he brought 16 Premier league clean sheets before he joined Everton. He kept 116 clean sheets with Everton in 254 appearances at Goodison Park Stadium. In his first eight seasons, he played 297 games out of 304 EPL games in history.

9. Edwin Van Der Sar- (132) Clean Sheets

Edwin Van Der Sar- (132) Clean Sheets
Image Credit: Man United

Edwin van der Sar was a disappointment at Juventus during the season of 2000/01 thus being sold to Fulham FC. This Dutchman goalkeeper had 132 clean sheets in his entire career in EPL history. Spent four years playing for Fulham with an amazing performance and saves as a goalkeeper. Thus he managed to keep 42 clean sheets with Fulham FC and Edwin joined Man United. When did Edwin van der Sar join Manchester United? In the 2005/06 season, helping the Red Devils to win 4 Premier League titles and a championship title in 2008. He was signed at an age of 34 years

10. David de Gea- (129) Clean Sheets

David de Gea- (129) Clean Sheets
Image Credits: EPL

David De Gea is the only player on our list who is currently playing in the EPL as a goalkeeper for Manchester United. He ranks 10th in EPLEPL’s most clean sheets with 130 clean sheets now. David is only 7 clean sheets behind Nigel Martyn expected to become among the top 5 EPL most clean sheets in history. He has spent 11 years in Old Trafford with some of the most incredible saves ever in history. Even though he is not among the best goalkeepers in the world, he has made history with 130 clean saves. David was signed by Man United when he was 20 years in 2011 since Sir Alex Ferguson needed a replacement for Edwin Van Der Sar.

David has a contract that will keep him until June 2023, in 2012/2013 he won one golden Glove award after recording 18 clean sheets. In January 2022, David was awarded the player of the month in EPL history.

Which goalkeeper has the most clean sheets of all time?

Iker Casillas holds the record for the most clean sheets in the 21st century

Which goalkeeper has the most penalty saves?

Samir Handanovic has 38 penalties saved

Who is the best Premier League goalkeeper of all time?

Peter Schmeichel is the best goalkeeper Premier League has ever had playing for Manchester United for 9 years.

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