The top ten best female soccer goalkeepers ever ranked | 2022-23

The top ten best female soccer goalkeepers ever

This article will give you the most interesting facts about the top ten best female soccer goalkeepers ever. Football, or soccer as it is colloquially known, is amongst the most famous games across the planet. This is a game that is undoubtedly just as famous among women as it does among men.  A goalie’s role is amongst the most significant on the field, if not the most important. The goalkeeper remains prepared to protect the goalpost… essentially he/she stops the other team from giving goals… Sounds simple, doesn’t it? If you’ve already managed to play this position, you’ll realize how tough it is.

Merely enquire a few of the best in the world, such as Gianluigi Buffon, David de Gea, and Manuel Neuer. The goalie’s stance is the most significant in the game which affects the final score and the tournament. It also affects the possibility of success in the championship. Just like their male peers, some best female soccer goalkeepers protect the goalpost with the same ferocity as the male goalies. They have the same intensity, fierceness, speed, and strength as the men.

Top ten best female soccer goalkeepers

The following are the details of the top ten female goalkeepers in the world:

10. Ashlyn Harris (USA)

Ashlyn Harris was an alternative in the 2015 Women’s World Cup and the Rio Olympics. She is one of the best female soccer goalkeepers of all time. She gained knowledge and experiences from the best. Solo’s best wishes. Solo is no longer a member of the national football team. So, she is getting her opportunity to excel. She has not been displeased with some incredible performances so far. Also, she can move with wonderful quickness to stop high difficult balls. She also has good instincts. People recognize Harris for stopping highly improbable shots when participants are no more than 3 stages next to her. Despite Hope Solo’s latest departure from the squad, the destiny of the USA national squad looks very promising with Ashlyn at the helm.

Ashlyn Harris (USA) Top ten best female soccer goalkeepers
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9. Cecilia Santiago (Mexico)

Cecilia Santiago is a talented goalie who knows how to perform. Santiago is a goalie who chooses to play in the box but is not afraid to come out of her posts. She encounters attacking players on a breakaway. This shows that she is indeed very courageous when it comes to preventing shots. She prefers to go out at them instead of remaining in her posts situated waiting to make the save like a conventional goalkeeper.

Her maturity and experience, however, may amaze us the most. Cecilia, a twenty-two years old girl is now the only sportsperson in female soccer history who has appeared in 4 U-20 World Cups. She was Mexico’s representative in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014. She is also the youngest woman sportsperson to take part in a Women’s World Cup. Because she had played in the 2011 edition when she was 16 years old. She is also in the top ten best female soccer goalkeepers.

Cecilia Santiago (Mexico) Top ten best female soccer goalkeepers
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8. Stina Lykke Petersen (Denmark)

Whenever it arrives to penalty shots, this Danish celebrity is renowned for being a hard goalie to defeat. She can also jump very high, which, especially when coupled with her 5′ 8′′ height, helps make her a formidable barrier between the posts. Stina’s achievements assisted Denmark to go to the UEFA Women’s Euro Cup semi-finals in 201. This also assisted the Danish club Brondby to win 3 titles.

Stina Lykke Petersen (Denmark)
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7. Stephanie Labbe (Canada)

Stephanie Labbe has excellent placement in between posts, allowing her to make difficult saves appear simple. When a shot is directed at Labbe, she invariably comes in the right place at the right time to make the save. Smart goalies have this trait and understand how to perform between the posts. Moreover,  she can jump large distances to make saves on difficult-to-reach high balls. After filling in for the wounded Erin Mcleod, her acrobatics and sturdy goalkeeping assisted the Canadian Women’s soccer group to clinch a bronze medal in Rio.

Stephanie Labbe (Canada)
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6. Karen Bardsley (England)

The English goalie, who was born in California, has not only excellent reflexes but also outstanding leadership qualities. She is adept at preventing shots from close range. She can also read plays and organize her defensive players appropriately. Her skills have earned her a starting spot for the English football squad. She has also won for the Great Britain national team that competed in the Rio Olympics. She also has achieved club success, assisting Manchester United in winning the European Cup in 2014.

Karen Bardsley (England)
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5. Almuth Schult (Germany)

She plays goalie for both the German group and VfL Wolfsburg. After the retirement of German megastar Nadine Angerer, they considered Schult to begin for the German national team at the Rio Olympics. Her 5’11” height and capacity to achieve high difficult shots and airballs demonstrated that she was the right sportsperson for the task, assisting the group in winning the first-ever gold medal. She was also instrumental in VfL Wolfsburg’s 2014 UEFA Champions League victory.

Almuth Schult (Germany)
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4. Erin McLeod (Canada)

The Canadian legend was a goalie who had been constantly on the move. Mcleod, who was never stationary on her goalpost. She was one of those goalies who preferred to go out and take the ball rather than remain in her location. This enabled her to consider making multiple unachievable saves, as well as win one-on-one duels against defensive players while also making some huge errors. Nonetheless, Mcleod’s saves have always been greater than her errors, and she climbed the ranks to be one of the best goalies in women’s soccer history. She has competed for Canada in three World Cups and 2 Olympic Games.

Erin McLeod (Canada)
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3. Hedvig Lindah (Sweden)

Sweden gave football fans a lot to discuss throughout the summer Olympics in Rio owing to its high success. The Swedish team accomplished this through great defensive strategies. During the world championship, behind the fantastic Swedish wall was a splendid goalie called Hedvig Lindah, who was critical to the group’s effective Olympic Run. The Swedish group was not only difficult to win over, but they also had difficulty competing against the goalkeeper in Lindah. The Swedish captain was essential in maintaining the group alive, making critical catches during several vital games that ultimately led to a silver medal. Her quick reflexes and capacity to play in between the posts also aided Sweden to finish third in a female soccer world cup in 2011.

Hedvig Lindah (Sweden)
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2. Sarah Bouhaddi (France)

Bouhaddi, the female equivalent of Manuel Neuer, stands out not only for her good instincts but also for her opportunity to perform off the goal line and with her feet. With Sarah Bouhaddi in goal, it’s almost as though you are observing an outfielder, a sweeper rather than a goalie. In 2016, the IFHHS designated her the best goalkeeper in the globe, and she has 3 UEFA Champions League titles. She has been the opening goalie for the French squad since 2011 and has depicted her nation in Olympic and World Cup games. With all of her accolades and skills, maybe the only cause she isn’t ranked first is that, due to her off-the-goal-posts non-conventional goaltending, she appears to obtain so many more goals than her groups would want.

The top ten best female soccer goalkeepers ever Sarah Bouhaddi (France)
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1. Hope Solo (USA)

The present USA record holder for most of her professional life clean sheets in female soccer.  A genuine wall between the goal line, attacking players must come up with something truly unique to defeat her. Not only is her height (5ft 9in) an advantage, allowing her to be fully dominant in air balls and reach high difficult shots. Solo, on the other hand, has excellent impulses and quickness, allowing her to make saves right at the line and also seemingly impossible stops. She is indeed a penalty-shot defender, which adds to her repertoire of abilities.

This was spotlighted during the 2011 World Cup quarter-final. As the United States defeated Brazil in a penalty shootout, with Solo having a critical role in the triumph. And it’s straightforward to know why Hope Solo is a living legend and the best female goalkeeper in the globe, with 2 Olympic gold medals, 1 World Cup, and 2 Golden Gloves.

The top ten best female soccer goalkeepers ever Hope Solo (USA)
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Points earned by the top ten best Female Soccer Goalkeepers

RankingsPlayer NameNationalityPoints
1Almuth SchultGermany132
2Sarah BouhaddiFrance115
3Hope SoloUnited States98
4Hedvig LindahlSweden95
5Nadine AngererGermany75
6Karen BardsleyEngland75
7Sari van VeenendaalNetherlands69
8Christiane EndlerChile63
9Sandra PanosSpain56
10Alyssa NaeherUnited States51

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