Inter Milan Players Salary & Player Contract Details In 2021/22 (Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, & Strikers).

Inter Milan Players Salary & Contracts Details In 2021/22 (Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, & Strikers).

Inter Milan Players Salary in 2022: Inter Milan FC has been one of the top clubs in the Seria A for many years, so we’ve compiled a list of Inter Milan players’ salaries in 2022, including goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and strikers. Inter Milan FC’s average player salary is €4,481,130, and the total yearly wage invoice for all players is €102,307,000. As a result, they are the second-highest-paid club in Serie A. With 49 points, Inter Milan FC currently leads the Serie A table.

Internazionale Player salaries in Serie A are among the highest in the world, and Inter Milan, as you might expect, is a major contributor to that. Inter Milan has put in their best performance since the start of the Serie A 2019-21 season. Antonio Conte was appointed as Inter’s new manager at the start of 2019. Simone Inzaghi is the current manager of the club. Inter Milan’s board of directors recently gave him carte blanche for the January transfer window. Inter Milan’s player salaries increase according to the club’s wage budget. Let’s take a look at the list of all Inter Milan players’ salaries and contracts in 2021/22.

Inter Milan FC (Serie A) Players Salary In 2021/22 Breakdown For Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, & Strikers.

Who is the highest-paid Internazionale player? Christian Eriksen is Inter Milan FC’s highest-paid player, earning £125,000 per week. Check out the salaries of each Inter Milan player. In this article, you will be able to find Inter Milan player salaries in euros.

Inter Milan FC Players Salary In 2021/22 Breakdown For Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, & Strikers.

Inter Milan FC Goalkeepers & Goalkeepers Salary.

Goalkeeper NameWeekly Salary/ Weekly WagesAnnual Salary In Euros
Samir Handanovic€103,000€5,356,000
Daniele Padelli€17,000€884,000
Filip Stankovic€11,440€594,880

Inter Milan Defenders.

Player NameWeekly Salary/ Weekly WagesAnnual Salary
Stefan de Vrij€123,000€6,396,000
Milan Skriniar€95,000€4,940,000
Danilo D’Ambrosio€63,500€3,302,000
Andrea Ranocchia€58,000€3,016,000
Alessandro Bastoni€9,500€494,000

Inter Milan Midfielders.

Player NameWeekly Salary/ Weekly WageAnnual Salary
Christian Eriksen€130,000€6,760,000
Ashley Young€120,000€6,240,000
Ivan Perisic€120,000€6,240,000
Achraf Hakimi€115,000€5,980,000
Arturo Vidal€110,000€5,720,000
Marcelo Brozovic€110,000€5,720,000
Kwadwo Asamoah€95,000€4,940,000
Matias Vecino€83,000€4,316,000
Radja Nainggolan€70,000€3,640,000
Stefano Sensi€58,000€3,016,000
Roberto Gagliardini€48,000€2,496,000

Inter Milan Strikers.

Player NameWeekly Salary/WageAnnual Salary
Romelu Lukaku€170,000€8,840,000
Alexis Sanchez€160,000€8,320,000
Lautaro Martinez€50,000€2,600,000

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