Which player has the most hat tricks in premier league history?

Players with most hat-tricks in Premier League history

How many hat-tricks did Sergio Aguero score in Premier League history? Sergio Aguero scored 12 hat-tricks in Premier League history, he holds the record for most hat-tricks in Premier League history passing Alan Shearer. The premier league is competitive in England with 20 clubs playing every season thus considered the most popular league in England. Few players had scored five goals in a single game in Premier League, an hat-trick consists of 3 goals scored by a single player in a game played. Do you know who scored the first Premier League hat trick? Eric Cantona scored his first hat trick in August 1992, but nobody talks about him. Everyone knows Brain Deane. Have you heard of the perfect hat trick? It involves scoring with a right leg, left leg, and head during a match.

In the 30 Premier League season, only 361 hat-tricks have been scored by players. No player has scored a double hat-trick though five players have scored 5 goals in a single game. Which players scored 5 goals in a Premier League game? Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Jermain Defoe, Dimitar Berbatov, and Sergio Aguero. As a result, Premier League is so exciting league to watch usually conducted on weekends and few games are held on weekly days. But who do you think has the most hat tricks in premier league history?

List of players with the most hat tricks in premier league history

Who has the most hat tricks in Premier League history? Sergio Aguero currently holds the record of 12 Premier League Hat-Tricks in history playing for Manchester City. He spent ten years playing for Man City scoring 257 goals in 181 league appearances. He joined Man City in 2011 and played until 2021 but he was not happy since he was always on the bench.

RankingsPlayersClubsPremier League Hat-Tricks
1Sergio AgueroMan City12
2Alan ShearerBlackburn, Newcastle11
3Robbie FowlerLiverpool, Man City9
4Thierry HenryArsenal8
5Harry KaneTottenham8
6Michael OwenLiverpool, Newcastle, Man United8
7Wayne RooneyMan United7
8Luis SuarezLiverpool6
9Dimitar BerbatovMan United, Tottenham Spur, Fulham FC5
10Andy ColeNewcastle United5
11Ruud Van NistelrooyMan United5
12Raheem SterlingMan City5
13Robin Van PersieArsenal, Man United5
14Ian WrightWest Ham United5
Players with the Most Premier League hat-tricks in the history

1. Sergio Aguero, 12 hat-tricks

Sergio Aguero, 12 hat-tricks
Image Credit: Man City

Sergio Aguero is an Argentinean professional football player who joined Man City in 2011. Did Sergio Aguero score hat tricks? Yes, Aguero scored the most hat-tricks in Premier League history, scoring 12 supposing Alan Shearer with 11 hat-tricks. Sergio had 275 league appearances scoring 184 goals during his stay at Man City. Although he struggled to adapt to the League until a few weeks when he scored his first hat-trick against Wigan Athletic in September.

In this game, his confidence and his powers for scoring hat-tricks increased as he turned 29 in 2017. He had scored 5 hat-tricks including two more articles he scored in February 2019 during the Arsenal verse Man City game. In January 2020, he scored his 12 hat-tricks giving him a lead with the most hat-tricks in Premier League history. The 12th hat-trick was against Aston Villa thus Thierry Henry had the highest number of goals.

2. Alan Shearer, 11 hat-tricks

Alan Shearer, 11 hat-tricks
Image Credit: Twitter

Alan Shearer played for Newcastle United scoring 11 hat-tricks with the most Premier League hat-tricks scored in one season. Alan holds the record as a long-time hat-trick goal scorer in history. In 1995/96, he scored five hat-tricks for Blackburn Rovers, and for the rest of nine hat-tricks, Alan was playing for Newcastle. He was indeed a legendary hat-trick scorer of all time during the 90s due to his pace level, strong shooting skills, and mobility to move with the ball. In September 1999, he scored 5 goals against Sheffield at an age of only 18 years of age.

After joining Southampton in 1998 at the young age of 17 years, he scored three times during the first half. During his record-breaking season of 1995/96, he scored 31 goals in Premier League games.

3. Robbie Fowler, 9 hat-tricks

Robbie Fowler, 9 hat-tricks
Image Credit: Liverpool

Robbie Fowler played for Liverpool and Man City scoring 9 hat-tricks in Premier League history. He scored five hat-tricks as a teenager before turning the age of 22, two more hat-tricks for Liverpool, and more two hat-tricks in the same season of 2001/22. What is amazing he was the only player in Premier League history to score four left-footed goals in a single game. Robbie also holds a record of scoring for two different clubs namely; Liverpool vs Leicester and Leeds vs Bolton in a single season.

4. Thierry Henry, 8 hat-tricks

Thierry Henry, 8 hat-tricks
Image Credit: Arsenal

Thierry Henry was a legendary Arsenal premier league of all time. He won four times golden boots and scored 8 hat-tricks in Premier League history. At the young age of 23 years, he scored his first hat trick against Leicester City in 2000. Henry also scored two more hat-tricks on April 2004 against Liverpool and Leeds. Arsenal had an incredible season in 2004/2005 leading and winning all trophies, with two more hat-tricks in March 2005. From January to March 2006, he scored his last hat trick. All eight hat-tricks were scored with the Gunners, he was a quick player, talented, and the greatest scorer of all time in Premier League history.

5. Harry Kane, 8 hat-tricks

Harry Kane, 8 hat-tricks
Image Credit: Tottenham

Harry Kane has so many goals playing for Tottenham with 8 hat-tricks in Premier League history. In the 2015/16 Premier League season, Kane scored more goals, and in the 2017 season. Harry is one of the key players on the Tottenham team playing a position of striking with Song Ming. Kane scored 2 hat tricks in 2015 during his youthful stage, then 2 more in 2017, and 6 more hat tricks in a single year, including 2 in 4 days in May. Harry scored his final hat-trick on boxing day against Southampton in 2017 with 200 Premier League 200 goals. Harry Kane is the 5th player to score a hat-trick in successful Premier league appearances ever since Rooney took the award in 2011. Having such a record-breaking active player on your touchline squad for Tottenham is amazing.

6. Michael Owen, 8 hat-tricks

Michael Owen, 8 hat-tricks
Image Credit: Man United

Michael Own is the youngest Premier League hat-trick scorer of all time. At an age of 18 years, he had already broken a record against Sheffield with Liverpool with a draw of 3-3 in 62 days. Owen also was a pre-adult player to score a penalty hat-trick illustrating his amazing talent at the pitch. He scored 4 hat-tricks at the age of 18 and the rest 4 hat-tricks before turning 24 years. On December 2015, he scored his last Premier League hat-trick playing for Newcastle against West Ham United. Michael is among the Premier League players who scored a hat-trick on Valentine’s day alongside Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Mathew Le.

7. Wayne Rooney, 7 hat-tricks

Wayne Rooney, 7 hat-tricks
Image Credit: Man United

Wayne Rooney is one of the greatest players of Manchester United who scored 7 hat-tricks in Premier League history. He scored his first hat-trick in Everton against West Ham 4-0 in Premier League in 2017 showing his incredible performance that day. In 2006, he appeared for Manchester United against Bolton, scoring another hat-trick for his club. Rooney is one of the players in the Premier League to score more than 200 Premier League goals in his football career.

8. Luis Suarez, 6 hat-tricks

Luis Suarez, 6 hat-tricks
Image Credit: Liverpool

Luis Suarez is also among the players who scored the most Premier League hat-tricks in history. He was playing for Liverpool and he managed to score 6 hat-tricks in Premier League. Suarez also scored Norwich, Wigan, West Brom, Norwich, and Cardiff goals whenever he played against these teams. His average rate of scoring hat-tricks was incredibly amazing with a percentage of 1.8%, his last hat-trick was scored on September 14, 2017.

Most hat-tricks in Premier League seasons in history

SeasonsPlayers with the most Premier League Hat-tricksNo. of hat-tricks scored
1995/96Alan Shearer5
2016/17Harry Kane4
2017/18Sergio Aguero3
2018/19Sergio Aguero3
Players with the most Premier League Hat-tricks

FAQs about most hat tricks in the premier league

How many hat tricks does Aguero have?

Sergio Aguero holds a record of 12 hat-tricks

Who has the most La Liga hat tricks?

Lionel Messi with 36 hat-tricks in the Spanish League

Who has the most goals against Real Madrid?

Lionel Messi with 26 goals in Barcelona

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