Top 10 clubs with the most trophies in Europe

TOP 10 best clubs with the most trophies in Europe

Real Madrid leads the pack when it comes to clubs with the most trophies in Europe, with 96 trophies to date, European football is the most competitive. Domestic clubs compete for local and European glory every season, despite being spread across the continent and dominated primarily by six countries.

Real Madrid has risen above the rest and truly established themselves as true European giants. The Champions League has been won by the world’s best clubs. Few, however, have accomplished the feat more than once. Here are the ten most successful European football clubs in terms of major trophies won:

Top 10 Clubs With the Most Trophies in Europe 2023

List Of Top 10 Clubs With The Most Trophies in Europe | Which clubs have the most trophies in Europe?

1. Real Madrid – 96 trophies.

Real Madrid - Leads the trophies list with 96 trophies.

Real Madrid has 96 trophies to its name. The current Champions League winner Real Madrid is the most successful club in European Cup/Champions League history, having won the tournament 14 times, including the first five editions and eight more in the Champions League era. The Spanish giants won back-to-back UEFA Cups in the 1980s and have also won four UEFA Super Cups. Madrid has three Intercontinental Cup titles and four Club World Cup titles. They have 35 domestic titles to their name, as well as 19 Spanish Cups, 12 Spanish Super Cups, and one victory in the now-defunct Spanish League Cup.

Real Madrid trophies list:

Trophy CountTrophies
4 TimeFIFA Club World Cup
14 TimeChampions League
35 TimeLa Liga
19 TimeSpanish Cup
12TimeSpanish Super Cup
2 TimeUEFA Cup
3 TimeIntercontinental Cup
4 TimeUEFA Supercup

2. FC Barcelona – 90 Trophies

FC Barcelona - Becomes second on the list of Clubs with the Most Trophies - 90 Trophies

FC Barcelona is the world’s second most recognizable football club today and the sport’s third most successful club in history. They have earned 90 trophies. Barcelona is the most successful club in terms of trophies won, and it is the only club to have won the treble twice.

They have won the European Cup/Champions League five times, as well as four Cup Winners’ Cups, three Fairs Cups, and five UEFA Super Cups. Barcelona has won the Spanish Cup an unprecedented 31 times, the Spanish Super Cup 13 times, and the Spanish League Cup twice in Spain. They have also won the Club World Cup three times and were the first club to win six trophies in a calendar year in 2009.

Barcelona trophies list:

Trophy countTrophies
3 TimeFIFA Club World Cup
5 TimeChampions League
26 TimeLa Liga
31 TimeSpanish Cup
13 TimeSpanish Super Cup
3 TimeInter-Cities Fairs Cup
4 TimeCup Winners Cup
5 TimeUEFA Supercup

3. FC Bayern Munich – 81 Trophies

FC Bayern Munich - A german  football club takes 3rd position with 81 Trophies

FC Bayern Munich is a German football club with a long history. Bayern Munich has won 81 trophies – The kings of German football have won the Bundesliga 32 times and the German Cup 20 times. They also won six times in the now-defunct German League Cup and nine times in the German Super Cup. Bayern has won six European Cups/Champions Leagues outside of Germany, including three in a row in the mid-1970s.

They have won every European trophy, including the Cup Winners’ Cup, UEFA Cup, and two UEFA Super Cups. Bayern has also won the Intercontinental Cup twice and two Club World Cups, making it the only German club to do so.

Bayern Munich trophies list:

Trophy countTrophies
2 TimesFIFA Club World Cup
6 TimesChampions League
32 TimesBundesliga
20 TimesGerman Cup
9 TimesGerman Super Cup
6 TimesLeague Cup
1 Time UEFA Cup
2 TimesIntercontinental Cup
1 TimeCup Winners Cup
2 TimesUEFA Supercup

4. SL Benfica – 80 Trophies

SL Benfica - 80 Trophies they also top the most domestic league titles

SL Benfica won the most domestic league titles in Portugal, with 37. They haven’t been able to replicate their recent domestic form in Europe; they’ve only won the European Cup twice, in 1960/61 and 1961/62. Benfica and Porto continue to be two of Europe’s best sides, consistently producing some of the best young South American footballers in the world. Their scouting system in Latin American leagues is unrivaled, and they thrive domestically by selling off incredibly talented footballers.

Benfica trophies list:

Trophy CountTrophies
2 Times Champions League
37 Times Primeira Liga
26 Times Portuguese Cup
7 Times Portuguese League Cup
8 Times Portuguese Supercup

5. FC Porto – 79 Trophies

FC Porto - 79 Trophies, They are also considered as the 2nd most decorated club in Portugal

Porto is one of Portugal’s “Big Three,” along with Lisbon rivals Benfica and Sporting CP. With 79 official trophies, they are the second most decorated team in Portugal. The majority of them came from domestic competitions, including 30 league titles (five of which were won in a row between 1994–95 and 1998–99, a Portuguese football record). Their most recent UEFA Champions League victory came in 2003/04 when they defeated Monaco in the final 3-0.

Porto’s trophies list:

Trophy CountTrophies
2 TimesChampions League
30 TimesPrimeira Liga
18 TimesPortuguese Cup
1 TimeUEFA Cup
1 TimeEuropa League
2 TimesIntercontinental
1 TimeUEFA Supercup
24 TimesPortuguese Supercup

6. AFC Ajax- 76 Trophies

AFC Ajax- 76 Trophies, the only Duch club on the list with the most trophies in Europe

The only Dutch club on this list is the incredibly well-known AFC Ajax. They have won the Eredivisie 36 times, making them the club with the second-most domestic league titles on this list. That’s on top of 20 Dutch Cups, four UEFA Champions Leagues, and one UEFA Cup. Under manager Frank de Boer, the Dutch giants won the domestic title four years in a row from 2011 to 2014. They won the UEFA Champions League for the last time in 1994/95.

Ajax trophies list:

Trophy CountTrophies
4 TimesChampions League
36 TimesEredivisie
20 TimesDutch Cup
9 Times Dutch Super Cup
1 TimeUEFA Cup
2 TimesIntercontinental Cup
1 Time Cup Winners Cup
3 TimesUEFA Supercup

7. Juventus – 70 Trophies

Juventus - 70 Trophies, One of the most successful Italian Club

The Juventus club is the most successful Italian football club in the sport’s history. Juventus has won 70 trophies, including 36 Serie A titles. They’ve also won 14 Italian Cups and nine Italian Super Cups. The Old Lady holds the complete set of European Cups, three UEFA Cups, one Cup Winners’ Cup, and two UEFA Super Cups. They were also world champions twice, winning the Intercontinental Cup in 1985 and 1996.

Juventus trophy list:

Trophy CountTrophies
2 TimesChampions League
36 TimesSerie A
14 TimesItalian Cup
9 TimesItalian Super Cup
3 TimesUEFA Cup
1 TimeSerie B
2 TimeIntercontinental Cup
1 TimeCup Winners Cup
2 TimesUEFA Supercup

8. Liverpool- 69 Trophies

Liverpool- 69 Trophies, One among the most successful English Clubs

After Manchester United, the only other English team on this list is their archrival, Liverpool. The Reds have 69 trophies to their name. They have six European Cups, making them the most successful English club in European football. In addition, the Reds have won three UEFA Cups and four UEFA Super Cups. Liverpool has won 19 Premier League titles, eight FA Cups, a record nine League Cups, and 15 Charity/Community Shields. The Reds won the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years in the 2019/20 season. In 2019, they also won the FIFA Club World Cup.

Liverpool trophies list:

Trophy CountTrophies
1 TimeFIFA Club World Cup
6 TimesChampions League
19 TimesPremier League
8 TimesFA Cup
9 timesEnglish League Cup
3 TimesUEFA Cup
4 TimesUEFA Supercup
15 TimesEnglish Supercup
4 TimesEnglish 2nd tier Championship

9. Manchester United- 68 Trophies

Manchester United- 68 Trophies, Only English Club to hold the International Titles

Sir Alex Ferguson, the former manager of the Premier League giants, has redefined success in recent decades. Manchester United has 68 trophies – The Red Devils are one of England’s most successful clubs, having won 20 top-flight titles, including 13 in the Premier League era. United has won a record 12 FA Cups, five League Cups, and 21 Charity/Community Shields. In 2017, they added the Europa League to their three European Cups/Champions Leagues, Cup Winners’ Cup, and UEFA Super Cup. United is the only English club to have won the Champions League, the domestic title, and the main domestic cup all in the same season. The Red Devils are the only English club to have won any international titles. They won the Intercontinental Cup in 1999 and the Club World Cup in 2008.

Manchester United trophies list:

Trophy CountTrophies
1 TimeFIFA Club World Cup
3 TimesChampions League
20 TimesPremier League
12 TimesFA Cup
5 TimesEnglish League Cup
1 TimeEuropa League
1 TimeIntercontinental Cup
1 TimeCup Winners Cup
1 TimeUEFA Supercup
21 TimesEnglish Supercup
2 TimesEnglish 2nd tier Championship

10. AC Milan- 52 trophies in total

AC Milan- Club ranks 10th in Europe for the most trophies won, with 52 trophies in total.

Milanese giants AC Milan are one of only two Serie A teams on this list. AC Milan has collected 52 trophies. They are second only to Real Madrid in terms of European Cup/Champions League victories. They have won the European Championship seven times. In 1963, they won their first competition. The last time they won the Champions League final was in 2007. Until Real Madrid’s triumph in 2017, Milan had been the last club to successfully defend the European Cup, having won it back-to-back in 1989 and 1990. AC Milan ranks 10th on the list of clubs that have the most trophies in Europe

AC Milan trophies list:

Trophy CountTrophies
1 Time FIFA Club World Cup
7 timesChampions League
19 TimesSerie A
5 TimesItalian Cup
7 TimesItalian Super Cup
2 TimesItalian Serie B
3 TimesIntercontinental Cup
2 TimesCup Winners Cup
1 TimeMitropacup
5 TimesUEFA Supercup

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Club with most trophies in Europe: Top 10 list

Top 10 clubs with the most trophies in Europe infographics
Top 10 clubs with the most trophies in Europe infographics
#Club with the most TrophiesTrophies Counts
1.Real Madrid96
2.FC Barcelona90
3.FC Bayern Munich81
4.SL Benfica80
5.FC Porto79
6.AFC Ajax76
9.Manchester United68
10.AC Milan52
Club with the highest trophies in Europe

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