Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga | All Time

Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga | All Time

Bundesliga was started in 1963. Bundesliga has many highest goal-scoring football sports persons. Gerd Muller is the topmost goal scorer of Bundesliga, with a total of 365 goals. Robert Lewandowski is second in the list of the top 5 scorers of Bundesliga, with a total of 305 goals. Jupp Heynckes is also one among the top 5 scorers of Bundesliga, with 220 goals overall. Continue reading this article to get more ideas about the top 5 scorers of Bundesliga.

Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga

1. Gerd Muller (One Of The Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga)

Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga | All Time
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Gerhard “Gerd” Muller was born on 3rd November 1945. He scored 365 goals in total. His place of birth is Nordlingen, in Germany. Indeed, he was well-known for his good finishing, particularly in and around the 6-yard box. Gerd is also considered one of the best goal-scoring football players in the world. Gerd played as a striker.

Throughout 14 periods, the 4 Bundesliga winner scored a goal once 105 minutes on average and won the prestigious Torjagerkanone an unparalleled 5 times. Afterward, he made history for goals in a season in 1971/72. He scored 40 times although he missed three penalties!

Goals scored by Gerd

In the global arena, he managed to score 68 goals in 62 performances for West Germany. Also, at the club level, he is the Bundesliga top scorer with 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga tournaments in fifteen years with Bayern Munich. He gave 65 goals in 74 European league matches. Gerd, who averaged over a goal per match with West Germany, was 21st on the tally of global goalscorers till 2021. Even if he played lesser games than any sportsperson in the top 48. Moreover, Muller secured the 3rd position in the goal-to-game ratio between many highest performers. Also, in the European Cup, he had the best proportion of 0.97 goals per match, as he scored 34 goals in 35 tournaments.

2. Robert Lewandowski (One Of The Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga)

Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga | All Time
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Robert Lewandowski was born on 21st August 1988. His place of birth is Warsaw, which is situated in Poland. He plays as a striker. Robert is a member of the Bundesliga team, Bayern Munich. Robert is the captain of the Poland football squad. He has scored more than 600 goals for his club career and his country’s team. Indeed, he is one of the greatest strikers in the football history of all time.

Robert’s achievements

Lewandowski decided to join Dortmund’s national competitor, Bayern Munich, on a free transfer before the beginning of the 2014-15 period. He managed to win the Bundesliga championship in each of his 1st 5 periods in Munich. Also, he was named to the Bundesliga Team of the Year in each of those episodes. He led the team in concerning goals scored, in the years 2015-16, 2017-18, and 2018-19. Therefore, he was given the title of the Bundesliga Player of the Year in the year 2016-17. Afterward, he was twice appointed to the UEFA Champions League Team of the championship. He has gone on to score more than 200 goals in the Bundesliga than any other club’s sportsperson. Also, he is the league’s all-time leading greatest goal-scoring player. He had scored 5 goals in 9 minutes in opposition to Wolfsburg.

3. Klaus Fischer

Klaus Fischer
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Klaus Fischer was born on 27th December 1949. He was one of the top 5 scorers of Bundesliga, and he was also a coach. He played as a forward in the football game. And, his bicycle kicks were very famous.  Fischer’s goal in the form of a bicycle kick in a 4–1 victory over Switzerland in a 1977 global tournament was spectacular to watch. That famous goal of his was chosen as the Goal of the Year by the TV watchers of his nation, Germany. Afterward, it was named Goal of the Decade as well as Goal of the Century. In a 1982 World Cup semi-final in opposition to France, he managed to score a best-known bicycle kick equalizer in additional time. Also, through this, the West Germany squad won on penalties.

4. Jupp Heynckes (One Of The Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga)

Top 5 scorers of Bundesliga | All Time
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Jupp Heynckes was born on 9th May 1945. His place of birth is in Monchengladbach in Germany. He played as a forward. Jupp ranks 4th among the top 5 goal scorers of Bundesliga. He scored a total of 220 goals. Jupp played a significant role in the squad of West Germany of 1970, which was victorious in the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. Indeed, he was triumphant in getting 4 Bundesliga titles with Bayern Munich.

With 30 goals in the 1973–74 period, Heynckes was a top goalscorer in the Bundesliga along with Muller. Müller’s team of Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga for the 3rd time in a row, while Heynckes came in 2nd position. In 1973-74,  Heynckes also led the European Cup Winners’ Cup scoring 8 goals. Milan won over Borussia Monchengladbach.

5. Claudio Pizarro

Claudio Pizzaro
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Claudio Miguel Pizarro Bosio was born on 3rd October 1978. Presently, he is serving as Bayern Munich’s ambassador. He was the captain of Peru’s national squad. His place of birth is Callao in Peru. Pizarro played as a striker.

Claudio joined Chelsea in 2007. He scored on his debut. And, then he became the runner-up in the Premier League. He came back to Bremen in 2009. There he won the 2008–09 DFB-Pokal, and also became the highest goalscorer in the 2009–10 UEFA Europa League. He was recruited by Bayern Munich once again in 2012. Moreover, he won the UEFA Champions League, European Super Cup, three Bundesligas, two DFB-Pokale, DFL Supercup, etc. In total, he won 18 titles. He came back to Werder Bremen in the year, 2015. In 2017, he joined 1. FC Koln. Afterwards, he reoined Werder Bremen.

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